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What is weviz ?

WEVIZ® is a real-time 3D visualization software dedicated to industrial teams. Fast, realistic and intuitive, it gives the opportunity for your teams to communicate better, visualize and reduce R&D errors, and optimize your time to market.

For whom ?

The easiest and fastest way to improve your 3D project validation processes

Engineering teams

"Validate your ergonomics and cinematics at scale 1:1.It is now simple and free!"

Rob L. Mechanical Engineer
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"The only 3D validation tool usable by all the team, from workers to manager"

Daniel V. Industrial director
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Product Designers

"We mooved our 3D design reviews to te next level thanks to Weviz. "

Jay L. Senior designer
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"We see our projects as if they were real and avoid many conception mistakes."

Hilaire D. Project Manager
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"Our marketing team can easiely create its own pictures and videos to fill our social networks"

Jane G. Marketing director
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The easiest and fastest way to review

our 3D project


your 3D files from dozens of compatible native or exchange CAD formats


your objects: add realistic materials, stickers and environments


at scale 1:1 thanks to VR or on your screen in design revues, alone or with your team


Weviz is based on UE4, the most advanced real-time engine in the market. Consequently, you can benefit huge rendering power in the simplest to use visualisation tool ever designed

No more render-time !

” Before, we needed to wait a long time to render images and compile them into a power-point presentation. Now, we see immediate and accurate results on the fly! “

Benoit S. - Felix & Associate

VR Ready

The power of Virtual Reality is no longer to prove!

Since decades, big compagnies used to validate their 3D projects with immersive displays such as Virtual reality walls or headsets. But this fantastic technology used to be very expensive and hard to use…
After all, new hardware becomes affordable and thanks to Weviz, Virtual reality is finally accessible to all !

In a few clics, get immersed in your 3D project and check its design, proportion and ergonomics.

” Weviz realism helps our team to understand imediatly our 3D files as if they were real “

Benoit S. - Felix & Associate


People who validate projects are not necessary 3D experts. In addition need a simple and realistic interface to recognize their project as if they were real.

Weviz is a unique visualization software that combines hyper realism, speed and simplicity. Give to your team the Opportunity to work with a realistic Tools and measure huge changes in term of precision and engagment!


World is changing fast… Moreover, we need to continue using human ressources where they are but we need to avoid physical travellings.

One of the most time-consuming action in R&D is to wait to mix people’s agendas. Beside, new environmental issues lead us to avoid non necessary travels.

” Our Design office can add its modifications on the 3D project in the morning in France, and industrial teams can now validates it in the afternoon in United States”

Benoit S. - Felix & Associate

They talk about us !

Listen to your peers ! They are fully satisfied !

La réalité virtuelle s'installe chez EDF

“Weviz gave us the opportunity to visualize realistically our new building and to find all of our previous conception mistakes”

La 3D temps réel en Agence de design

” Weviz realism helps our

team to understand immediatly

our 3D files as if they were real ” 

Our products

For designers, communication & marketing


discover weviz studio
  • Optimize your 3D models
  • Add materials, stickers & environments
  • Shoot videos & pictures

For product managers design review teams


discover weviz pro
  • Contains all the Studio features
  • Import & prepare your 3D files
  • Validate at scale 1:1 in Virtual Reality
  • Collaborate with multi-user mode

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